The way our thoughts and feelings can control our lives and destiny is almost "Beyond Belief"

The control that beliefs learned during our lives can hold over our daily life and reality is simply that; almost "Beyond Belief".

Then start adding the belief systems that come forward via DNA from our family and ancestors and you can be looking at quite a wonderful or dangerous cocktail mix.

Some fears and beliefs can be life savers; while others can hold us back from achieving what we deserve in life.

Thankfully nobody is "Beyond Belief Changing"; so we can assist to make positive change. So many of my clients are not even aware of the subconscious beliefs they hold. Then are so pleased that these can easily be released and replaced with more appropriate one's for them to achieve their goals and their dreams.

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Based Picton, Blenheim New Zealand with Nelson Clinics but available via Skype, FB Live and WhatsApp New Zealand wide and globally. 

Incorporporating Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing Practitioner, The Rewind Technique and decades of dealing with the consequences of my own beliefs; some chosen, some learned and some sent forward through family DNA.